James Tristan Redding is an American songwriter and musician. Born in October of 1982 in Boston to British parents, he was raised between Massachusetts, England, and Wisconsin. His earliest interests included soccer, chess, kung fu, coin collecting and bicycle repair.

Redding studied piano at age 7, then picked up guitar at 11, percussion at 13, electric bass at 14, and harmonica at 16. His first concert was at age 14, and his first original album at age 15. With the dawn of digital recording, he began engineering and producing on his own.

As songwriter and frontman for the band Union Pulse, James toured the USA for a decade selling 5,000 copies of the group's music. At age 30 after struggling with alcoholism, he relocated from Wisconsin to New York City with four changes of clothes and an acoustic guitar.

Now living sober in Harlem, James writes and produces a growing catalog of eclectic new music in his home studio. His latest project is the international songwriting group "Song A Week 2018," welcoming all participants to share their work every week throughout 2018.

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